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First Place for Area 2! NEW Q!!!

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Amazing Weekend for Women of Note

What a great weekend it was!  Women of Note came in third in our Area contest with two new songs in our contest package. This means we are headed to Sandusky, OH for the Harmony, Inc. International Contest.  Our evaluations with the judges were very positive, and they gave us some great feedback!  We are so excited to work on our songs to prep them for International.

As always our time together is filled with so much fun, friendship, singing, emotion and so much love! 

But wait!  So much more happened this weekend that I can't wait to tell you about!  Stay tuned....

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More Exciting News from AC&C!!!!

Please, let me introduce you to the very first mixed quartet ever to cross the stage in Area 2 competition!  This gorgeous blend of voices call themselves Neopolitan and they are phenomenal!  Taking the lead is Anand Sitaram from Vocal Revolution, and from Women of Note we have our bari, Linda Noble, our Assistant Conductor and tenor, Sarah Gerlt and none other than WON Director, Ray Johnson on bass!


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2018 AC&C Results!

Such an incredible and fun weekend.  Women of Note chorus competed in Harmony, Inc Area 2 contest and came in third place!!  This also qualifies us to compete in Harmony, Inc.'s International competition in Orlando, FL this fall!!  We are so honored to be among the creative and talented choruses representing Area 2!

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