#1 Mixed Quartet for Area 2!! Neopolitan!!

Neopolitan is up to their usual shenanigans after winning the Harmony, Inc, Area 2 Mixed Quartet comptetition!!  You may recognise them from last year! But if not, allow me to introduce them to you again.  Partying in the Survivor theme at AC&C, Neopolitan are dressed as members of Gilligan's Island!  We have the tenor, Sarah McNamee, as the lovely "Maryanne", the lead, Anand Sitaram, as the silly, but fun-loving "Gilligan", the baritone, Linda Noble, as Gilligan's best bud "Skipper" and the bass Ray Johnson playing the not-so-well-known castaway "Line cook"!  Please join us in congratulating Neopolitan on their win!